A Full-Service Residential Real Estate Law Office Serving Illinois

Our offices are located in Naperville, IL, easily accessible from I-88 and downtown. We represent both Buyers and Sellers, both those with real estate agents, and individuals selling for sale by owner. Our team will write and review agreements of sale, draft and review other real estate documents, help clients understand title insurance and the process of clearing title.

We are also available to attend settlement meetings and closings, to help with last-minute negotiations and document review. Our firm offers free initial telephone consultations. We strongly encourage you to call before signing any documents relating to a residential real estate transaction. For a prompt response call 630.717.4242.

Experienced Illinois Residential Real Estate Lawyer
Whether you are selling or buying a home, there are many ways in which a knowledgeable real estate lawyer can help protect your interests and make the transaction go smoothly.

As a firm with over 30 years of legal experience, we focus our law practice on residential real estate law, and can guide you through any residential real estate purchase or sale in Illinois.

Why Retain our Firm?
Our goal is to take you through the process of a real estate transaction as your legal advocate, giving you sound representation and piece of mind.

Real estate transactions can be intimidating and complex. Having competent legal counsel can greatly reduce the stress and anxiety. Our representation aims to remove the intimidation and complexities of real estate.


Residential Real Estate

What terms of your Purchase Agreement  are negotiable?

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